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Platformless 003: The Web3 Toolkit For Podcasters And Video Creators

A curated list of web3 tools for podcasters and video creators

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Why Should Podcasters And Video Creators Use Web3

@levychain on YouTube
@levychain on Twitter
@FisayoFosudo on YouTube
@Fosudo on Twitter

Why did I share the above screenshots?


This is one of web3’s most significant value propositions.

As you can see, Fisayo has 6X more followers on YouTube than on Twitter. Meanwhile, Adam has 5X more followers on Twitter than on YouTube.

This fragmentation of accounts in web2 leads to fragmented monetization for creators.

Even worse, it leads to a fragmented experience for their communities.

Web3 solves this problem with profile NFTs. With a single “account” on-chain, you can access multiple platforms.

Here’s a real-life example:

@levychain.lens on Lenstube
@levychain.lens on Lenster

Lenstube and Lenster are web3-native versions of YouTube and Twitter respectively, built on Lens Protocol.

Unlike in web2, Adam Levy has the same number of subscribers/followers in web3. This is because his Lens profile is portable and usable on any Lens-native platform.

Some other benefits of web3 include:

  • Analyzing on-chain data makes it easier to understand your audience

  • Understanding your audience better enables you to market your show to sponsors properly

  • Additional ways to monetize your content with collectibles (Podcast and Video NFTs)

  • You can enjoy more profound relationships with your listeners or viewers

  • Reduced risk of IP theft with on-chain provenance for your content

  • And so much more

With all that said, the ideal approach is to combine web2 and web3 to get the best out of both worlds.

The Toolkit

Here are 10 amazing tools you should consider using as you navigate web3.

  • Ethereum Name Service (ENS)

    • Summary - Decentralized naming for wallets, websites, and more.

    • Use Case - Get a web3 username (e.g. yourname.eth) and use it across multiple decentralized apps on Ethereum.

  • Lens Protocol

    • Summary - A permissionless, composable, and decentralized social graph that makes building a web3 social platform easy.

    • Use Case - Get a lens profile (e.g. yourname.lens) and use it across all the apps built on Lens Protocol.

  • Lenster

    • Summary - A decentralized and permissionless social media app built with Lens Protocol.

    • Use Case - Share news and updates with your community. Think of it like Twitter, but for web3.

  • Lenstube

    • Summary - An open-source video-sharing platform built on Lens Protocol.

    • Use Case - Share videos with your subscribers and give your content on-chain provenance. Think of it like YouTube, but for web3.

  • Sound Protocol

    • Summary - A music and sound NFT protocol featuring permanent and decentralized metadata storage.

    • Use Case - Create and release NFTs for your podcasts.


    • Summary - A platform for releasing collectible video NFTs.

    • Use Case - Create and release NFTs for your videos.

  • Bonfire

    • Summary - Enables creators and brands to develop unique digital spaces to engage with their communities.

    • Use Case - Create a website to host all your content, tokens, and collectibles.

  • Bello

    • Summary - Get actionable insights on your NFT collectors through a simple search.

    • Use Case - Analyze collector data and use insights to improve your content, find partners and sponsors, grow your community, etc.

  • Coinvise

    • Summary - A no-code tool suite that makes it simple to create airdrops and monetize with NFT memberships.

    • Use Case - Offer one-time or recurring memberships in your community and easily token-gate some of your content.

  • Koop

    • Summary - A web3 platform for hosting collectible live streams.

    • Use Case - Host open or token-gated live video streams. Allow anybody to view or restrict some streams to your paid members only.

Web3 Ideas

  • Release open-edition NFTs for your videos or podcast episodes. You can start with free drops before monetizing them

  • Release limited-edition or 1-of-1 NFTs for each podcast season

  • Analyze your NFT collectors to get a sense of who the closest members of your community are

  • Let sponsors of your show collect sponsorship NFTs to give them on-chain provenance of their support

  • Use your NFTs as governance passes. Essentially, you can start a podcast/media DAO

  • Crowdsource ideas for content, guests, topics, and more from your community

  • Grow your DAO by using a shared treasury to fund new shows within the DAO (i.e. sub-DAOs)

Web3 is an open canvas.

Your imagination is your only limitation.

Create. Experiment. Have fun.

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