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P-007: The Week In Web3 (March 13-19, 2023)

Meta shuts down NFTs, Arbitrum launches $ARB, .polygon domains, new Yuga Labs collection, and more


A warm welcome to everyone who joined us last week.

“Never change a winning game; always change a losing one.” ― Bill Tilden

Last week, I tested a new idea for curating the biggest stories in the web3 creator economy.

And the feedback was amazing!

As a result, we’ll continue with the same for now. I’m thinking of bringing back how-to guides on a separate day (maybe every Friday).

More to come on this.

Let’s dive in!

Here’s what happened in the web3 creator economy last week.

Trending News 📰

  • Meta is winding down NFT features on Instagram & Facebook. Read More

  • Ethereum L2 network Arbitrum announced $ARB token and transition to DAO governance. Read More

  • Web3 musician Daniel Allan raised $1M in a seed round to fund his career. Read More

Source: @imdanielallan
  • Doodles co-founder said, “We are no longer an NFT project”. Read More

  • Epic Games has close to 20 crypto games in the pipeline. Read More

  • Playboy lost $5M on ETH that it accepted as payments during the bull run. Read More

  • DressX raised $15M for digital fashion and wearables. Read More

  • Circle gets a new $USDC banking partner in Cross River Bank after SVB collapse. Read More

  • NounsDAO approved a proposal for an NFT movie. Read More

  • Solana-based NFT marketplace Formfunction is shutting down. Read More

  • NFT.Storage announced the “NFT Forever Project”. Read More

  • DeFi Llama, a leading DeFi analytics dashboard, is facing internal conflicts. Read More

  • Nissan filed for new NFT and metaverse trademarks. Read More

  • is shutting down on April 15th. Read More

  • Uniswap V3 is now live on BNB Chain. Read More

Product Updates 🚀

  • Tech giant Salesforce released “Salesforce Web3” — a suite of web3 and NFT products for brands. Read More

  • Unstoppable Domains launched .polygon domain names in partnership with Polygon. Read More

Source: @unstoppableweb
  • Zora introduced a new feed. Read More

  • OpenSea introduced proxy contracts for creator drops. Read More

  • You can now browse and buy NFTs on mobile with $BLUR. Read More

  • GALLERY introduced the “Search” feature. Read More

  • announced POAP Drops. Read More

  • Manifold introduced “Paid Burns” and the ability to burn ERC-1155 NFTs for ERC-721s and vice versa. Read More

  • Virtual World builder OnCyber introduced a GPT-powered AI tool for turning text into custom 3D spaces. Read More

  • NFT social platform Metalink launched a mobile app. Read More

  • Hiro launched the Ordinals Explorer and Ordinals API for Bitcoin NFTs. Read More

  • Filecoin launched the Filecoin Virtual Machine (FVM) which supports Ethereum-compatible smart contracts. Read More

  • Arbitrum announced “Arbitrum Orbit” — a framework for creating L3 networks built on top of its L2 chain. Read More

  • Web3 music platform Public Pressure will integrate KILT Protocol to verify NFTs and users. Read More

  • HeyMint creator referral program is paying out thousands of dollars. Read More

NFT Drops 🖼️

  • Afropolitan SOLD OUT 500 Founding Citizen NFTs. Read More

  • Dreams Never Die sells out Founder Pass membership NFTs on OpenSea. Read More

  • Yuga Labs sent Bitcoin inscriptions to winners of the TwelveFold auction. Read More

  • They also launched a new collection, HV-MTL (Heavy Metal). Read More

  • Mika Tajima released “Archive of Feelings”, produced by PROOF × Pace Verso. Read More

  • Songcamp and Catalog teamed up for “B2B: A 2 Nite Music Experience”, powered by Metalabel. Read More

  • 3LAU gave away 20% ownership in his new remix to his existing collectors. Read More

  • Web3 music collective Heds released “Back” by Robu. Read More

  • To celebrate raising $1M, Daniel Allan released “Cage” on Sound. Read More

  • Oshi also dropped “my girl” on Sound. Read More

Learning Guides 🔍

Interesting Reads 📖

A look into some NFT projects making good use of the technology.

Thoughts on Instagram ditching NFTs and what it means for web3.

I agree.

Last week was a true reflection of where we are in web3.

As Meta announced the end of support for NFTs, Salesforce came swinging with a full web3 product suite!

Ups and downs.

Quite typical.

Thank you for reading! 🙏

See you next week for Issue 008.




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