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P-008: The Week In Web3 (March 20-26, 2023)

$ARB airdrop, Magic Eden on Bitcoin, Now Pass, zkSync Era, and more


A warm welcome to everyone who joined us last week.

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Here’s what happened last week in the web3 creator economy.

Featured Story 🔥

Source: Arbitrum Foundation

Arbitrum airdropped over $1B in $ARB tokens to users and DAOs, officially kickstarting community governance of the network.

This was arguably one of the biggest airdrops in crypto history!

Read More

Trending News 📰

  • Do Kwon, the founder of Terraform Labs (creators of $LUNA), was reportedly arrested in Montenegro. Read More

  • Amazon's NFT plans appeared to be confirmed in an email. Read More

  • Unstoppable Domains announced “Unstoppable Messaging” — a new product launching soon that will enable users to chat using their web3 domain names (e.g. emeka.nft). Read More

  • Microsoft is working on an Ethereum-based web3 wallet for its Edge browser. Read More

  • Big Four accounting firm Deloitte is working on immersive experiences and other web3 solutions. Read More

  • Sony filed a patent for NFTs to enable transfers between games and consoles. Read More

  • Another gaming giant Nexon will develop a Polygon-based network for its new web3 game. Read More

  • Leading crypto game Aavegotchi is also building a custom blockchain using Polygon tech. Read More

  • RECUR partnered with game development platform Beamable to give developers access to web3 functionality through RECUR Builder. Read More

  • MetaMask and MoonPay are enabling users in Nigeria to purchase crypto via instant bank transfers within the MetaMask mobile app and Portfolio Dapp. Read More

  • An NFT collection based on Tarzan is dropping on Ethereum next week. Read More

  • Internal conflicts at DeFi Llama have been resolved with plans for a $LLAMA token shelved (for now). Read More

  • MoonPay and Julie Pacino are working on a film inspired by NFT photography. Read More

  • Seed Club Ventures announced a $25M fund to invest in DAOs. Read More

  • Try Your Best (TYB), a web3 community management platform, joined the Shopify app store. Read More

  • The US SEC is investigating crypto exchange Coinbase. Read More

Product Updates 🚀

  • zkSync Era Mainnet Alpha is now open to all users and developers. Read More

Source: @zksync
  • Reddit is reportedly building an NFT marketplace on Polygon for its collectible avatars. Read More

  • Web3 game development platform Immutable announced “Immutable zkEVM”, powered by Polygon. Read More

  • Several games are already committed to building on Immutable zkEVM. Read More

  • Popular NFT marketplace Magic Eden introduced support for Bitcoin Ordinals with 70+ collections. Read More

  • They also launched Magic Eden Games — a dedicated hub for discovering and exploring web3 games. Read More

  • Gamma launched a trustless Bitcoin ordinals marketplace. Read More

  • Receive instant notifications when your wallet trades, mints, or transfers tokens on any EVM chain with Zerion Wallet. Read More

  • MetaMask added support for “Sign In with Ethereum”. Read More

  • Uniswap introduced Mini Portfolio — a new feature that allows you to view your assets on the Uniswap Web App. Read More

  • launched a new navigation and audio player on mobile. Read More

  • They also introduced Sounds of the Week — a newsletter covering upcoming drops, viral sounds, and other related announcements. Read More

  • Web3-powered website builder Bonfire integrated the Decent Protocol. Read More

  • Decent Protocol launched Series — a new ERC-1155 NFT contract designed to enable maximum flexibility and ease of use for collectors. Read More

  • Similarly, you can now create multiple ERC-1155 editions under a single NFT collection with Zora. Read More

  • 0xSplits introduced Recoup which enables creators to repay one collaborator first before splitting profits with any other. Read More

  • Foundation improved the wallet connection UX on its app with better mobile support. Read More

Fresh Drops 🖼️

  • The Now Pass. Read More

  • Glass Protocol released “Glass Pass”, enabling anyone to claim .glass usernames on Ethereum. Read More

  • Luxury fashion house Balmain dropped a limited series of sneaker NFTs that come with identical physical counterparts. Read More

  • Sotheby's paused its NFT auction after one of the artists withdrew over lack of female representation. Read More

  • Sappy Seals launched an Ordinals collection on Bitcoin. Read More

  • Techno VIP Pass by Techno And Chill. Read More

  • “Three Steps Ahead”, a collection of 3 unique 1-of-1 artworks by Botto Project, was randomly airdropped to three holders of SuperRare’s RarePass. Read More

  • Zora dropped a free mint in celebration of their ERC-1155 Editions feature. Read More

  • A commemorative drop from Foundation for their new wallet UX. Read More

  • Domino released “RETURNLABEL”, earning over 2 ETH in sales. Read More

DAO Governance ⚖️

  • Nouns DAO is funding research for Private Voting solutions. Read More

  • A proposal to launch an NFT marketplace by 1inch passed with over 70% of votes. Read More

  • The ApeCoin DAO is voting on a proposal for “Ape Water” by Ape Beverages. Read More

  • NFTX DAO approved a proposal to rebalance its treasury. Read More

Learning Guides 🔍

Interesting Reads 📖

Actionable steps to launch a digital product or service business.

NFTs have the potential to unlock billions of dollars in intangible assets.

A collector mistakenly burned his CryptoPunk worth over $100K.

Aside from $ARB, web3 gaming was easily the standout last week.

It’s fair to say that it hasn’t lived up to its early hype but maybe things are changing.

On-chain is the next online and I believe gaming could be at the forefront.

Thank you for reading! 🙏

See you next week for Issue 009.




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