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P-009: The Week In Web3 (March 27-April 02, 2023)

Metaverse Fashion Week, Doodles Genesis Box, DeGods & y00ts migration, Sound Swap, and more


A warm welcome to everyone who joined us last week.

“I would have written a shorter letter, but I did not have the time.” ― Blaise Pascal

Probably the most ironic thing ever said. 😂

It’s true though. It takes much more time to edit, cut out, and simplify any writing.

I hope everyone is enjoying the new format of these letters.

Would love to hear your feedback. Feel free to DM me!

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Here’s what happened last week in the web3 creator economy.

Featured Story 🔥

Source: Decentraland

Decentraland hosted the second annual Metaverse Fashion Week (2023).

It was amazing!

Web3, AI, AR, and other retail technologies were on show.

Catch up with a recap below.

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Trending News 📰

  • Ticketmaster announced a new NFT-gating feature for ticket sales on Ethereum. Read More

  • Gucci and Yuga Labs (creators of Bored Ape Yacht Club) are working together. Read More

Source: Gucci
  • More plans for the upcoming Amazon NFT marketplace revealed. Read More

  • Elon Musk, Steve Wozniak, and others apparently signed a petition to pause further ChatGPT development. Read More

  • Binance and its CEO are facing regulatory complaints. Read More

  • Pussy Riot NFT triggers criminal charges in Russia. Read More

  • Leading Solana-based NFT project DeGods migrated to Ethereum. Read More

  • y00ts, a DeGods sister project, also migrated to Polygon. Read More

  • PROOF Collective introduced “PROOF Curated” — a new curated series of art NFT exhibitions. Read More

  • Disney cut its metaverse division as part of a broader restructuring. Read More

  • Meanwhile, Warner Music Group spared its web3 roles in a recent layoff. Read More

  • The UK Treasury canceled plans for a government-backed NFT. Read More

  • Rapper Lil Durk to launch a next-gen sneaker NFT collection on Algorand. Read More

  • The Avalanche Foundation launched Avaissance, an initiative to support artists in the Avalanche ecosystem. Read More

  • Ethereum’s next network upgrade goes live on April 12, 2023. Read More

  • “Africa Unplugged”, a show by Rug Radio, rebranded to “Web3 Africa”. Read More

  • Crypto hardware wallet maker Ledger raised $109M. Read More

Product Updates 🚀

  • Polygon zkEVM Mainnet Beta is live and Vitalik made the first transaction. Read More

Source: Polygon Labs
  • Binance NFT introduced “Bicasso” — a tool for creating NFTs with AI-generated images. Read More

  • Unstoppable Domains also launched a similar tool for generating avatars with AI. Read More

  • Art Blocks launched its own NFT marketplace with enforced creator royalties. Read More

  • ZORA introduced “Trending”. Read More

  • launched a new feature enabling collectors to listen to new music before minting them as NFTs. Read More

  • Within 24 hours, they introduced another feature — Sound Swap. Read More

  • Escher, a new platform for editioned fine art just launched. Read More

  • Bonfire released Drop Notifications — a new feature that enables creators to notify fans (via email) of their upcoming releases. Read More

  • Magic Eden announced that its NFT marketplace on Ethereum will launch in early April. Read More

  • Zerion Wallet introduced “Zerion Perks” — a tool that notifies you anytime your wallet becomes eligible for airdrops, NFT mints, etc. Read More

  • Flow Blockchain introduced wallet-less user onboarding and hybrid custody. Read More

Fresh Drops 🖼️

  • Doodles released “Genesis Box” ahead of the upcoming Doodles 2. Read More

  • A commemorative NFT drop marking the launch of Polygon zkEVM Mainnet Beta. Read More

  • Beeple introduced “S.2122”, a new work that he debuted at Art Basel Hong Kong. Read More

  • Blooming Connections, a FREE memento by GALLERY (minting ends in < 24 hours). Read More

  • Inspired by Ledger, a curated series of NFT collections from Ledger. Read More

  • Community Presale passes for FWB FEST 2023 are now on sale. Read More

  • Reo Cragun debuted the new Sound Swap feature on for his new song “Spent” and earned over 7.5 ETH from primary sales. Read More

  • TK also dropped “Faster” on Sound. Read More

  • hedsDAO released hedsTAPE 12 (still minting). Read More

  • Glitch's Army: Dark Energy by Lazy Lions dropped on OpenSea. Read More

  • FRENS by GABE WEIS also dropped on OpenSea. Read More

DAO Governance ⚖️

  • AIP-1, the first-ever Arbitrum DAO proposal, is currently being voted against by more than 80% of votes (at the time of writing). Read More

  • ApeCoin DAO voted against creating another two NFT collections. Read More

  • They also voted against “Ape Water” by Ape Beverages. Read More

Learning Guides 🔍

  • Successful business models in web3. Read More

  • An overview of Ordinals (aka NFTs on Bitcoin). Read More

Interesting Reads 📖

Web3 builders should read these books.

Key takeaways from the $ARB airdrop distribution model.

5 essential tips for building a successful NFT project.

Thank you for reading! 🙏

I can’t believe we’ve made it to 10 issues already.

See you next week!



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