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P-010: The Week In Web3 (April 03-09, 2023)

OpenSea Pro, Magic Eden on Ethereum, Reddit Gen 3 Avatars, Bugatti NFT, and more


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Here’s what happened last week in the web3 creator economy.

Featured Story 🔥

Source: OpenSea

The launch of OpenSea Pro was one of the biggest stories last week.

Opensea had been facing increased competition from other NFT marketplaces (mainly Blur) and needed something to reverse the trend.

OpenSea Pro is a rebrand of Gem — the NFT aggregator they acquired last year.

So far, the market has reacted positively with several trading and user metrics swinging back in their favor.

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Trending News 📰

  • FIFA released an AI-powered mobile game with future plans to integrate NFTs. Read More

Source: Decrypt
  • Reddit to release Gen 3 collectible avatars this week as existing holders exceed 7M. Read More

  • Bugatti to launch the most expensive NFT on Bitcoin. Read More

  • Magic Eden introduced Magic Eden Launchpad to help creators launch projects on Bitcoin Ordinals. Read More

  • Stamps, a new kind of NFTs on Bitcoin, are growing. Read More

  • Nominations opened for this year’s NFT100. Read More

  • Unreleased David Bowie song to be released as a Music NFT. Read More

  • All unminted Chaos Packs will be burned this week. Read More

  • Ralph Lauren will start accepting crypto payments and launch an NFT collection. Read More

  • Meta revealed an AI tool to help brands target Facebook and Instagram users. Read More

  • OneOf is launching the OnePlatform, a turnkey solution for companies looking to expand into web3. Read More

Product Updates 🚀

  • Magic Eden finally launched on Ethereum. Read More

  • You can now view your NFTs in the MetaMask browser extension. Read More

  • Paragraph launched “Paragraph AI” — a new GPT-4-powered feature that creates titles, outlines, and even complete drafts for writers. Read More

  • Lore, a web3 co-ownership platform, launched its Public Beta. Read More

  • Users can now sign in and create wallets on Sound using just email. Read More

  • Catalog introduced “Splits” which enables creators to share revenue on-chain with collaborators. Read More

  • Bonfire introduced Bonfire Pro — a premium service that offers additional features. Read More

  • They also launched a native chat feature within Bonfire-powered sites. Read More

  •, a new NFT DEX, went live on Ethereum. Read More

  • Pine Protocol, an NFT lending protocol, launched on Polygon. Read More

  • Foundation introduced Drop Presales. Read More

  • Sign up to get early access to Open Editions on Rarible. Read More

  • The ZORA team recapped their recent feature releases. Read More

Fresh Drops 🖼️

  • OpenSea released “Gemesis” — a commemorative NFT collection for previous users of Gem (now OpenSea Pro). Read More

  • Gucci and Yuga Labs announced an Otherside-themed jewelry collection with associated NFTs. Read More

  • Iron Paw Gang by Adam Grabowski and Random Character Collective minted out and generated 600 ETH in primary sales. Read More

  • Javier Arrés released “Mech Army” on MakersPlace. Read More

  • PARTS by Rino Russo has sold over 2,000 editions and earned 11+ ETH on OpenSea. Read More

  • Yinkore sold “Placeholder” for 1.5 ETH on Foundation. Read More

  • LiveArt sold out the LiveArt X Card membership NFT collection. Read More 

  • LIST3N, a web3 music DAO, released their Genesis membership passes. Read More

  • KAAZE sold streaming royalty shares for “I Should Have Walked Away” on Royal. Read More

  • Black Dave released “I Love This Shit!” feat. Stonez the Organic on Sound. Read More

  • “Bricks (with Belis)” by Daniel Allan earned over 2.5 ETH from 400+ editions. Read More

  • Oshi also sold 100+ editions of “Ominous Vibes” on Sound. Read More

DAO Governance ⚖️

  • Prop House introduced Infinite Rounds — a new process for creating and voting on proposals in the NounsDAO ecosystem. Read More

  • Doodle holders voted to amend the management of Doodlebank (the community treasury). Read More

  • The ApeCoin DAO is currently voting in favor (91.14%) of establishing a web3-powered streaming platform. Read More

Learning Guides 🔍

  • The ABCs of NFTs. Read More

  • What’s the difference between cryptocurrencies and NFTs? Read More

  • How to leverage token-gating for your business. Read More

Interesting Reads 📖

$5 million paid to artists on so far.

Is hyper-financialization a good or bad thing for NFTs?

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