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P-011: The Week In Web3 (April 17-23, 2023)

Bluesky on Android, Paragraph Collectible Posts, Zora Zine Print Issue 001, and more


A warm welcome to everyone who joined us in the last two weeks.

“Once the motivation stop the discipline kick in.” ― Babyface Ray

To be honest, I’ve been feeling really disillusioned with the web3 space lately.

From airdrop farming to memecoins, it feels like speculation has fully taken over and “real” work doesn't get noticed at all.

It’s quite frustrating for anyone who’s in crypto mainly for the tech and the utility it provides.

Nothing good comes easy though. We ain’t going nowhere (in Diddy’s voice). 😂

Also, I apologize for skipping the report last week. I was away the weekend before for a close friend’s wedding and had my hands full with groomsman duties.

Let’s dive into today’s letter!


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Here’s what happened last week in web3.

News 📰

  • Bluesky, Jack Dorsey's new Twitter rival, launched its Android app. Read More

  • Nike released details for its upcoming Our Force 1 NFT sneaker collection. Read More

  • Marvel Studios founder David Maisel will launch the Ekos Genesis Art Collection in May. Read More

  • Mad Realities announced the launch of The Creator Collective. Read More

  • Sotheby's will auction off rare NFTs from 3AC's seized collection. Read More

  • Bored Apes and CryptoPunks floor prices fell below 50 ETH for the first time in several months. Read More

Products 🚀

  • Paragraph launched Collectible Posts and Collectible Highlights. Read More

  • introduced the Kits Publishing Tool. Read More

Source: Arpeggi Labs
  • made its Sound Swap feature available to all artists. Read More

  • Sound also launched an integration with Onramper to enable users to fund their ETH wallets with fiat. Read More

  • You can now release videos as editioned NFTs on Foundation. Read More

  • Creators can now accept $PEPE as payments for NFTs minted via Manifold. Read More

  • Upshot introduced three NFT indexes to simplify investing in the top collections. Read More

  • Castle launched multi-chain portfolio tracking across 10+ EVM chains. Read More

  • Escher’s founder shared what’s coming next for the product. Read More

Drops 🖼️

Fresh Drops

  • The First Store Collection by Starbucks Odyssey. Read More

  • Zora Zine Print Issue 001. Read More

  • Gitcoin Impact Report by Gitcoin. Read More

  • The Smurfs’ Society Legendary Collection. Read More

  • Shadow Wolves by Cool Cats. Read More

  • Glitch's Army: The Generals by Lazy Lions. Read More

  • The Universal Collection by Universal Music Group. Read More

  • Let Me Hit Somethin by Snoop Dogg. Read More

  • Why Am I Still Here by Ibn Inglor. Read More

  • Show Me by San Holo. Read More

Upcoming Drops

  • Please Take a Step Back by Snoop Dogg & VeeFriends. Read More

  • Ekos Genesis Art Collection by David Maisel, Founder of Marvel Studios. Read More

  • Quiet Quarry Runway by Stephy Fung. Read More

  • Drink Ain't Free by Spottie WiFi. Read More

  • endless sky by HOUNDTRACK. Read More

  • Visionary by Dain Yoon. Read More

Governance ⚖️

  • The ApeCoin DAO voted in favour of a proposal to use $1,000,000 to fund crypto public goods. Read More

  • The RARI Foundation announced an upcoming $RARI airdrop for governance participants in the Rarible ecosystem. Read More

Guides 🔍

  • An introduction to NFT index funds. Read More

  • How NFTs can improve subscription models. Read More

  • The best blockchains for NFTs. Read More

Threads 📖

How to make money as a fan with Music NFTs.

How “decentralized” are DeFi protocols?

A curated web3 developer stack.

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