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P-012: The Week In Web3 (April 24-30, 2023)

Doodles 2, Binance Sensei, Robinhood Connect, NFTfi Rewards, and more


A warm welcome to everyone who joined us last week.

No quote for today.

Just a plea: Shoot me any feedback or thoughts you have on web3, the creator economy, or anything interesting you’ve discovered lately.

I want to broaden my horizon by learning and sharing new things.

Thank you! πŸ™


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Here’s what happened last week in web3.

News πŸ“°

  • OpenSea's next phase is to help web2 brands enter web3 seamlessly. Read More

  • Binance NFT launched a staking program for The Sandbox NFTs on Polygon. Read More

  • Dune Analytics announced new product and pricing updates. Read More

  • Proof Collective is building a 3D world for the Moonbirds community on Mona. Read More

  • Solana Labs created an open-source tool that lets users interact with the Solana network directly from ChatGPT. Read More

  • Robinhood introduced Robinhood Connect β€” a new feature that will enable users of its crypto wallet to access their details and funds on decentralized apps. Read More

  • PayPal will soon enable on-chain crypto transfers from user Venmo accounts. Read More

  • Circle launched the Cross-Chain Transfer Protocol (CCTP) for USDC on Ethereum and Avalanche. Read More

Products πŸš€

  • NFTfi introduced its new loyalty rewards program. Read More

  • Lens Protocol introduced Momoka β€” a new scaling solution for the decentralized social network. Read More

  • launched a new homepage. Read More

  • GALLERY launched AutoGallery. Read More

  • ZORA introduced ZORA Profiles. Read More

  • Binance launched Binance Sensei β€” an AI-driven chatbot on Binance Academy. Read More

  • Leading Solana-based wallet Phantom to launch public access for Ethereum and Polygon. Read More

  • NFT portfolio app Floor is expanding to Solana. Read More

  • Decrypt launched β€œGG”, a new Web3 gaming hub. Read More

Drops πŸ–ΌοΈ

Fresh Drops

  • Doodles 2 collectibles were launched with input from Pharrell and Adidas. Read More

Source: Decrypt
  • Please Take a Step Back by Snoop Dogg & VeeFriends. Read More

  • Ekos Genesis Art Collection by David Maisel, Founder of Marvel Studios. Read More

Upcoming Drops

Governance βš–οΈ

  • Arbitrum airdropped $120M in $ARB to projects built on the network. Read More

  • Moonbirds announced a Community Council for the PROOF and Moonbirds communities. Read More

Guides πŸ”

  • Understanding web3 and the metaverse. Read More

  • Create NFTs across multiple chains with Holograph. Read More

  • How to use a Ledger hardware wallet. Read More

Threads πŸ“–

9 reasons why music NFTs matter.

How web3 enables a multiplayer creator economy.

NFT distribution models.

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